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Straight Fit, Zip fly, 99% cotton, 1% elastane.
Pepe Jeans

Creating the best in men's denim has always been the aim of the globally known Pepe Jeans brand that was first established in 1973 and became an iconic name in European jeans design. The urban direction the Pepe Jeans brand has always taken began in the early days of the company when the first tentative steps into business happened with the launch of Pepe Jeans in the iconic Portobello Road area of London, which has been a launching pad for some of the best known fashion brands in the U.K. The global and international flavour of the brand is reflected in the fact the headquarters of Pepe Jeans can now be fond in Spain.The launch of Pepe Jeans was accompanied by a new take on how a luxury fashion brand should interact with its customers and became well known for the art exhibitions taking place on a regular basis at its Portobello Road centre. The brand is also a popular option for people of all ages after its focus on denim led to a rise in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s that has remained in place as the brand has entered the 21st century with a focus on a wide range of areas in the fashion industry.Pepe Jeans initially became known for the high quality of the materials and construction of its denim, but has now looked to expand its range of products beyond the denim basics it has become known for. Men's fashion is now available from the brand that includes casual shirts and tops, plus a new focus has been found on creating an all round lifestyle image that can provide a glimpse into the luxury lifestyle each and every man aspires to achieve. The arrival of Pepe Jeans on the market saw the company become a cult brand, but the Pepe Jeans brand is now a part of the luxury lifestyle brand industry as it looks to maintain its edgy style with the highest quality available.

Pepe Jeans Gen Straight Fit Sky Blue Wiser

Pepe Jeans Women's Jeans - Art.No. PL204159VS3-000
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