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G-Star Attacc Jeans

G-Star is fashion for those who want to stand out from the crowd. The interestingly cut, low-rise G-Star Attacc jeans for women emphasize a beautiful figure. Why not show what you have, that could be the motto of these women's jeans.


The G-Star Attacc jeans are perfect when combined with high heel pumps, but also look great with comfortable shoes like ballerinas. G-Star is, after all, a guarantor for the extraordinary and these pants cause quite a stir. The straight leg creates a beautiful silhouette. This is how jeans are supposed to be, well liked at the office, good looking uptown, comfortable to wear to the movies or other leisure activity. G-Star always provides a surprise, that is something customers can rely on. Slip on these jeans and your polished look is ready to go!

- Good quality
- Both for work and leisure
- Many other standard sizes available
- Free shipping

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