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One of the denim success stories of the 21st century, PME Legend has been growing in popularity throughout the 2000s and 2010s because of the impressive design and rugged durability the brand has brought to the construction of some of the best loved jeans of recent years. The PME Legend brand is based in The Netherlands, but has its history and design style firmly positioned in the classic Americana that brought jeans to the attention of the world as a classic piece of design.The PME Legend brand uses inspiration from the pioneers of aviation who took to the skies in the first half of the 20th century and needed their clothing to act as their own form of cooling or heating system. Aviation acts as a major inspiration for the range of men's clothing produced by PME Legend, which includes both denim and leather garments that bring a classic sense of style to the wardrobe of any man. PME Legend produces a large range of men's clothing, including the classic aviator jacket that is produced from sheepskin and leather to create a retro style that reflects the history of aviation the brand uses for inspiration. Along with the large number of aviation inspired products produced by the brand PME Legend has created a number of options for men to enjoy ranging from cargo pants to shorts and jeans. The cargo pant forms a major part of the catalogue of this Dutch company as these are described by the design team at PME Legend as providing a glimpse into the history of aviation and the classic garments worn in the U.S. Jeans and cargo pants from PME Legend are designed to be both rugged and aesthetically pleasing as they are designed specifically for the male body, and worn by men who are looking for clothes that reflect their own active lifestyle.

PME Legend Short Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt Crew Neck Slate Rose

PME Legend Men's T-Shirt - Art.No. PTSS2304557-3170
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