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Lacoste Men's T-Shirts

Lacoste is the traditional French fashion brand, which stands not only for stylish street wear, but also for a certain lifestyle. It imbues any outfit with the right look. The fashionable Lacoste t-shirts for men are characterized by simple cuts and the logo of the brand. With attractive colors, timeless designs and guaranteed stylishness, Lacoste t-shirts can be worn for sporting events as well as leisure or work activities.


In the bebasic.ch online shop, the label with the crocodile on the chest offers t-shirts with the highest wearing comfort, natural elegance, and sporty casualness. Innovation and tradition are merged by Lacoste into an up-to-date fashion statement and the collections of the brand are consistently high quality and stylish at the same time. Lacoste clothes are always top of the line and their style and design leave nothing to be desired. For this reason, these men's t-shirts can be wonderfully combined with other clothing. 


- Timeless cuts

- Sense of style, elegance and naturalness

- High grade cotton material

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