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Superdry Men's Shorts

Superdry represents fun and being playful with fashion. If you like a more relaxed look, have a peek at the Superdry shorts. These shorts immediately set the mood for a fun summer vacation, beach life and a sense of freedom.


Superdry shorts are available in countless varieties, narrow or wide fitting; everyone will find their comfortable and original model. Superdry shorts are shorts that are also durable. Wearing a pair of these cotton shorts means any activity is wide open to you. With the gang on a boat or on the beach having a party, wearing these original shorts means you are perfectly dressed for just such occasions. bebasic.ch offers the ideal version of these shorts for men who want to combines fashion with adventure. Superdry, the brand for fans of the extraordinary. 

- Many models with different styles and fits

- Colors and patterns in many varieties

- Shorts for beach and the city

- Great prices

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