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Dockers Alpha - At the Fashion Forefront

The letter alpha is the first in the Greek alphabet. Thus, the name of these stylish pants from Dockers for men could not be better chosen. Dockers Alpha are once again the best proof that the modern man can be way ahead in terms of fashion even without jeans.


Dockers for men have been a trendsetter for about 25 years with designers always managing to create unique trousers for fashion-conscious men. Dockers Alpha pants are not only tops in terms of fashion but also quality. Anyone who is familiar with the Dockers for men articles knows that all accessories are perfectly matched to the pants. Above all, Dockers Alpha pants are characterized by slim fit and sporty touch.

- Body contoured, athletic cut

- High quality cotton fabrics

- Practical coin pocket

- High level of wearing comfort

- Extremely durable

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