Classic straight leg, 5 Pockets, Normal rise, Comfortable around thigh, Button fly, 11.5 oz. Denim, 100% Cotton.


IMPORTANT: Sizing & Care Instructions

Levis recommends dry cleaning or freezing your jeans instead of washing. If you plan to wash, order a bigger and longer 501 STF jeans  and wash them seperately a couple times.

normal waist size
W28 - W36
W38 - W40

501 STF waist size
increase size by 1"
increase size by 2"

normal length (inseam)
L30 - L34

501 STF length
increase size by 2-3" 


Levi Strauss – the co-founder of Levi's along with his partner Jacob Davis – invented the blue jean in 1873, by which time the San Francisco based company that bore his name was already 20 years old. In that year they took out a patent on a style of denim trousers held together with rivets for extra strength and endurance. They probably had no idea that they were creating what would eventually grow to be a world wide style icon.

Worn by cowboys and ranchers throughout the western states of the USA, Levi's jeans soon became identified with a feeling of independence and a pioneering spirit that were quintessentially American. Such was their popularity, in 1936 the famous red tab was introduced to distinguish genuine Levi's from their many imitators. In the 1950's, Levi's became associated with teen rebellion through figures such as Jeans Dean and Marlon Brando, and this was the start of a shift for the brand from the manufacture of work clothes to fashion wear. Over the next decades Levi's heightened its appeal by introducing important innovations such as slim fit and pre-shrunk jeans.

Modern Levi's clothes draw upon this long heritage, reinventing and updating vintage designs for current tastes. The company has continued to refine its fit with new body scanning techniques and to improve its production methods to reduce its carbon footprint. Current Levi's jeans come in a range of dark, light and medium stonewashed treatments, complemented by a number of ripped, faded and distressed finishes. Buyers can enjoy a choice of natural-looking fits with room at the ankle for boots or high-top trainers. Stylistically, they vary from rugged options ideal for hitting the open road, to smarter, tailored designs which will blend in well at your favourite cafe or bar. Levi's also applies the same retro Americana style to basic separates such as tees and trucker jackets. Browse our selection online to discover the latest designs from this renowned denim brand.

Levi's 501 Jeans Shrink-to-Fit natural Rigid

Levi's Men's Jeans - Art.No. 501-0989
69,90 CHF
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  • W29/L30
  • W29/L32
  • W30/L30
  • W30/L32
  • W30/L34
  • W31/L30
  • W31/L32
  • W31/L34
  • W32/L30
  • W32/L32
  • W32/L34
  • W32/L36
  • W33/L30
  • W33/L32
  • W33/L34
  • W33/L36
  • W34/L30
  • W34/L32
  • W34/L34
  • W34/L36
  • W34/L38
  • W35/L30
  • W35/L32
  • W35/L35
  • W35/L36
  • W36/L30
  • W36/L32
  • W36/L34
  • W36/L36
  • W36/L38
  • W38/L30
  • W38/L32
  • W38/L34
  • W38/L36
  • W40/L30
  • W40/L32
  • W40/L34
  • W42/L30
  • W42/L32
  • W42/L34
  • W44/L30
  • W44/L32
  • W44/L34
  • W46/L30
  • W46/L32
  • W46/L34
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  • Levis 501 Shrink-to-Fit - Right for Every Occasion

    The Levi's 501 style series are the most popular of the traditional company Levi Strauss and even count among the most popular and most worn jeans of all times.


    Shrink-to-Fit means these jeans will shrink to fit your body shape, and that's the idea behind the series. Pants designed to shrink. It is vital, therefore, to buy Levi's 501 Shrink-to-Fit jeans both larger and longer than normally. 

    With every Levis Shrink-to-Fit, we provide detailed information how many waist and length sizes you should go up when purchasing your jeans. 
    Levi Strauss recommends having the jeans dry-cleaned or to stick them into the freezer overnight. 
    Once the pants have shrunk, the buyer has a real cult object with inimitable charm and a wonderfully casual drape.


    - Classic straight leg 
    - Five-pocket styling 
    - Standard rise 
    - Comfortable fit around thighs
    - 100% cotton

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