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G-Star - Causing a Stir Among Men's Jeans

Every man should own a pair of G-Star jeans. The Dutch label has been known for its always trendy styles and highlights since the late 80s, and not only in the area of men's jeans. Point in case, among others, are the always eye catching presentations of the label at the New York Fashion Week.


Primarily the men's jeans by G-Star that have made the label popular and a success worldwide A pair of G-Star jeans represent a touch of luxury to be worn by the man of the world both during the day on the street as well as during the evening or on festive occasions. It just depends on the right combination. The man of the world can be assured of envious looks by male rivals and the enthusiasm of the ladies.

- Various fits

- Very good workmanship

- High-quality denim fabrics

- High level of wearing comfort

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