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Calvin Klein Straight Jeans

What makes Calvin Klein fashion special is the surprise. Simple categorization is not possible concerning what makes the Calvin Klein straight jeans a pair of jeans that are perfect in almost every situation.


These jeans for men stand out for their great fit and the straight, figure-skimming cut. With these jeans for men, a visit to a top restaurant is just as possible as a relaxed day at the beach with friends. These jeans are comfortable, durable, and of course, how could it be otherwise with Calvin Klein - also feature some visual extras. The color is faded in subtle ways, and the finished edges of the pockets and the hem show signs of wear as if the jeans have already been worn previously. This is the look that many men simply love - jeans that do not look stiff or formal, a pair of jeans for life. Put on a pair of Calvin Klein straight jeans and that's all it takes to be ready for the day! 

- 100% cotton material

- Machine washable 

- Worn look, light fading

- Often with signs of wear at pockets and hem

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