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Woolrich Men's Jackets

Classic colors, solid cuts, and a casual American style are the key features of the men's jackets by the Woolrich brand. Since the 1850s, the brand has been known for its no-nonsense outdoor jackets without any ifs and buts in a rustic American style


This pioneering spirit in terms of quality has remained the hallmark of Woolrich jackets to this day and is exemplary executed in the current fashion trends. Men's jackets from Woolrich are solid and stylish at the same time, and the classic colors are great for men of all ages. On offer are comfortable and durable Woolrich jackets with or without hoods featuring fabrics that are warm or light depending on the season. The jackets are carefully crafted to the highest standards using various materials and are just right for men looking to be solidly and stylishly attired in any weather. 

- Traditional and trendy

- Solid craftsmanship

- Extremely durable

- Casual outdoor jackets

- For men of any ages

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