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G-Star Men's Jackets

The G-Star brand has marketed its own high quality, custom, unique style for more than 20 years.
Whether summer or winter, color or black and white, classic or modern, G-Star has something in all areas of fashion for individuals and design lovers. Young, cool and trendy, the brand continually reinvents itself and delivers new innovative style elements.

G-Star jackets are characterized by excellent craftsmanship, selected materials, and a distinctive style that runs like a red thread through the collections of recent years. In the winter, anoraks, parkas, down jackets, or coats offer protection from ice and snow. In the fall, light transitional leather jackets and bomber jackets are suitable for leisurely walks outdoors. With summery temperatures, light jackets and sweatshirt hoodies are all the rage. The entire G-Star range of jackets combines classic inspiration with modern innovation.
bebasic.ch offers a large selection of G-Star jackets for men and women.

- High quality

- Young and innovative style elements

- Classic-contemporary inspired

- Unique designs

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