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Timberland Men's Shirts

A perfect fit, a fashionable design, and the wide range of occasions where you can wear Timberland shirts make them perfect for everyday or special events. The men's shirts are available in various designs and styles. From classic solids to stylish patterns and a whole lot more.


Wear both with jeans and stylish pants for a good impression. The high quality finish of these men's shirts is also one of their trademarks as are the little details that make Timberland shirts special. Small chest pockets to store utensils, a narrow collar and a broad cuff always turn heads when a Timberland shirt is involved. The men's shirts of this brand are available with both long and short sleeves. Wear casually over a t-shirt and leave buttons open or add a tie and wear to work - many uses and also very comfy. 

- 100% cotton

- Long or short sleeves

- Trendy and timeless design

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