Data Protection & Security

What information from you do we store?
bebasic stores your personal data for processing orders insofar as is legally permissible. Bebasic reserves the right to use this data to check the correctness of the postal address and creditworthiness. We use your address data for advertising purposes. Should you not consent to storage of your personal data we can, of course, delete it for you.

How do we use this data?
For us, it is important to do justice to your wishes. For this reason, we store your data exclusively for order processing and advertising purposes. No data is transferred to third parties and stored since processing is performed as part of order data processing. If no further advertising is desired, we ask that you send our customer services department a short message.

How do we protect your data?
We use a secure transmission process, so-called SSL*transmission (*Secure Socket Layer) to process your data. This means that all information you provide is encrypted with this secure method before it is sent to us.

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